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Nothing beats being personally invested in our work and the people around us. That is a lesson we learn from our founders and directors, every single day, from their involvement in every single project.

Mr. Raj Kumar Reddy


The name which Vishranthi has earned in its client community and the industry is a reflection of the person that Mr. Raj Kumar Reddy is and his work ethics. His human-centric vision, passion for environment, personalised approach to projects and people, his commitment to quality and pursuit of technological innovations over the years have made us the organisation that we are today. Mr. Reddy’s keen mind and approach help us set new standards in the industry with every new project we complete. Mr. Reddy is a Corporate Affairs graduate and an active philanthropist.

Mrs. Varija Reddy


Mrs. Varija Reddy is face of calm efficiency that we see at Visharanthi. Lawyer by profession, authority in commerce by education, love for construction and design by family background… Mrs. Reddy is a multi-talented, multifaceted and dynamic personality who has successfully managed to harness her potential and love for work and uses it to push Vishranthi to greater heights each day.

Mrs. Reddy’s eye for detail and her head for finance helps her handle the legal and financial aspects of our organisation. Over the years, she has ensured that Vishranthi Homes develops and maintains high credibility rating with absolutely no borrowings from banks/financial institutions.

Mr. C R Devendra


An edifice of sales and marketing, with a stunning prowess in corporate governance is our President, Mr. C. R. Devendra. He is a strong personality who has led corporate houses such as EID Parry (Murugappa Group) and Building Technologies Division (Siemens). At Vishranthi, in addition to overseeing the operations of the organisation, he also lends his expertise to developing and incorporating relevant systems and procedures at Vishranthi Homes.

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