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40 years ago, the father-son duo, Mr. Ramjee Reddy and Mr. Raj Kumar Reddy, our visionary founders set out to create something extraordinary. They envisioned ‘space’ and ‘architecture’ in a way that people of the era had not witnessed thus far. If we were to capture the entirety of our founders’ thoughts and principles in a line, it would read thus:

To create and deliver environment-conscious, nature-infused living spaces that will transcend time, fashion and purpose.

Set in stone is our founders’ six-fold vision which Vishranthi stands for. We are guided by these golden principles each time we embark on a new journey to create our next architectural marvel. The six-fold vision is also our inspiration, giving us the courage and freedom we need to think away from ordinary, making creative thinking a prerequisite, compelling us to foresee, foreplan and implement an influx of fresh ideas and possibilities in construction, engineering, architecture and technology, in a way in which it will create a wave in the industry.

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