Santosh & Aarti


Project : Rohini

We were on the lookout for a 4 BHK and after visiting several builders, booked our first home through Vishranthi Homes and we are extremely happy with our decision. Mr. Rajkumar Reddy, the Managing Director strives his best to take all his projects to the next level. I still recall a phone call, Mr Rajkumar mentioned, our projects always stand apart and we can vouch for that even after 6 years of completion. When it came to the signing of agreements, transactions, email interactions - everything was truly professional with a lot of details. Their delivery estimate was perfectly maintained; they went the extra mile helping us even frame the bye-laws and forming the association. Mr Devendra, President of Vishranthi also played a pivotal role in each and every interaction and his work and dedication is immaculate. One other point worth mentioning is allowing clients to customize their apartments. Here, Vishranthi was very patient and gave us enough time which helped us add more electrical points, wall textures and so on. Their floor plan design is top notch and their choice of accessories are premium and never compromised on quality. Today, Rohini is a true masterpiece that stands apart in Valmiki Nagar and is envied by many.


Santosh & Aarti


V.Rengarajan & P.Mythili


Project : "KSHEERAJA" Valmiki Nagar

My wife and I were looking to develop our 32 year old independent house KSHEERAJA into a modern, comfortable and elegant apartment complex.Due to our attachment to the land we had lived on for so long, we were inclined towards a duplex. Having been impressed by Vishranthi Homes' constuction for our immediate neighbours whom we had known for many years we approached the Developer. Given the uniqueness of our request Mr. Raj Kumar Reddy and his associate Mr.Devendra were very receptive to the idea and worked with us in detail to design an apartment that would suit our needs by entering into a Joint Venture. While the project experienced some delays we had no qualms when it came to quality of work, it was excellent. We wish Vishranthi Homes the very best in all their future endeavors.


V.Rengarajan & P.Mythili


Anand R Raghavan


Project : Lasing Leaf

Dear Sri Balaji, The team at Vishranthi has been consistently transparent, professional and supportive in their dealings with us. I was also very impressed with the way the project has turned out. The apartments are spacious, well laid out and designed to have excellent natural lighting. The complex is neat and elegant, the integrated facilities for piped gas, television DTH and other utilities has been very thoughtfully planned. The overall ambience makes it a wonderful place to call one’s home.


Anand R Raghavan


Dr (Mrs) Usha Raghavan
(Grand Daughter of Late Shri T.V. Sundaram Iyengar )

Mr Raghavan
Former Joint Managing Director of Sundaram Finance


Project : Ram Kripa, Poes Garden

We were looking at investing in an apartment in South Madras, and had the pleasure of investing in one with Vishranthi Homes, way back in 2003. While we did not know much about the profile of the developer, we were greatly impressed by the time the building was complete and handed over.

Some of the notable highlights were, their commitment to time schedule. Our apartments were handed over on the specified dates, as assured at the beginning of the Project. Again their commitment to quality was commendable; as only top of the shelf materials were used in the construction. In the end a magnificent edifice “Ram Kripa” came into being, a majestic structure which has become a landmark in the locality, Poes Garden.

Something that stands out was the involvement of the top Management, and hands on feel on progress of work is praiseworthy. Mr.Rajkumar Reddy the MD of VHPL, had personally supported us in every efforts to maintain and enhance the elegance like adding trellis, choice of floor tiles etc. Their support even after a decade is definitely worth mentioning, as in today’s materialistic world, after sales support is of paramount importance.

We are feeling sad now, at the thought of having to move away, as 4500 Sq.ft is extremely large for us senior citizens to manage. Even at this critical juncture, Mr.Rajkumar Reddy helped us in finding buyers, much to our delight, as the appreciation on such an old apartment was noteworthy.

It will be an understatement to say that we are delighted with our choice of Vishranthi Homes, with whom our connection goes beyond brick and mortar, developing into an everlasting and pleasant relationship with them. We wish them well in all their endeavors.

Dr (Mrs) Usha Raghavan (Grand Daughter of Late Shri T.V. Sundaram Iyengar )
Mr Raghavan – Former Joint Managing Director of Sundaram Finance


Rane Group


Project : Enigma , Poes Garden

In terms of Quality (Enigma) Vishranthi is one of the best I have seen. The project got delayed by a few months but the end product is very good.




Mr. C.K. Ranganathan
Chairman and Managing Director,


Project : Cavinville , Cenotaph Road , Teynampet

Delighted to be a client of Vishranthi Homes. I am very impressed with the quality, cost and time line commitment exhibited during our project of building our Corporate office. I am particularly delighted to get an excellent after project service which normally builders won't bother to service.




Mr. C V Murali
Retired Banker(SBI)


Project : Vishranthi Sundarakand, Medavakkam

I am Mr C V Murali father of Mr Rajkumar and a retired Banker(SBI) was instrumental for my Son to buy the above flat. I wish to offer my comments on this flat and Vishranthi people.

Two years back we were desperate in choosing a property around this amount because of so many attractions each builder had. Eventhough we selected city's reputed builders, making a final decision was difficult for us until we sawyour Sundarkand Apartment. It will not be a exaggeration if I say everyone will appreciate this Sundarkand Project. The following are my attractive points.

1. Elegance
2. Elevation
3. Spacing between blocks
4. Broad Corridor
5. Placing of the Children Play Area
6 Materials used
7 Lift and stairs
8 Design of the flat for air circulation, light, privacy, security etc
9. Common facilities
Obcourse some dissatisfactions are:

1 Outer door( Main Door) should have additional detachable locking provision
2 Smelling of Reverse Osmosis water so badly. Remedial measures to be initiated.
About Vishranthi and Staff

1. All staff are very cordial, sincere and very much duty conscious especially Mr Balaji whose care on us is unforgettable. He is adding Feathers to the Cap of Vishranthi.
On the whole the impression We have is ' All those thinking Paradise in inner city areas is not really a paradise for me and on the contrary Sundarkand is really a Paradise with Health Resort.

My Best Wishes to Vishranthi Homes!

Yours truly
Murali C V
( Father of Buyer Mr Rajkumar)



Nandalal Pokardas


Project : Vishranthi Meridian & Enigma, Poes Garden

Pleased to note that you are modifying your website and adding information in the “client speak” page for some frank and forthright comments from Vishranthi Apartment owners. It goes without saying that we are extremely happy users of the apartment in “Meridian”, located at George Avenue, near Poes Garden. We are also fortunate to own the second apartment on the same road, in your recently finished Enigma Project, which has come out really well.

As a family we are in awe of the designs and always notice something anew, that catches our interest. Your passion for fresh designs, appropriate landscaping and perfectly suited amenities is worth mentioning. The quality of construction is first-class and overall interaction with Vishranthi team has always been pleasant.

We wish you good luck in all your forthcoming projects!

With Best Wishes
Nandalal Pokardas



Mr. S.P. Ambrose,
IAS (retired)
Former Additional Secretary, Government of India,
Satisfied Joint Venture partner of Vishranthi Homes


Project : PADMAM, Shastri Nagar, Adyar (8 units)

As owner, my experience in having entered into an agreement under a scheme of joint development of my residential property in Sastrinagar, Adyar, with Mr. Rajkumar Reddy, Managing Director, Vishranthi Homes Pvt. Ltd. as the Developer was excellent and a very rewarding experience.


Mr Reddy took personal care to ensure that all statutory requirements, specifications of materials, the quality of construction, the pace and timely progress of work were adhered to. He personally assisted me in the selection of materials like tiles, toilet and light fittings,and interior woodwork.


He frequently inspected the site to critically examine the quality and progress of work, and periodically consulted the owner on important aspects of the workand progress and maintained the highest quality standards.


The completed building with all relevant documents, approved maps and plans were handed over according to schedule.


The post construction phase did not reveal any defects in construction or execution. It was indeed my pleasure in associating with them. We wish them success in all their future projects.


S. P. Ambrose.


Flat 1A, “Padmam”,
New 14, 7th.Cross St,
Sastrinagar, Adyar,