• If you’ve imagined lying down on the sea sands hearing the waves or enjoying the salty freshness of air as you stroll, or feeling the ocean on your face when you jog down the coastline, you ought to nestle yourself at Vishranthi’s upcoming project “Ksheeraja”.


    Located on 2 nd Seaward Road that houses many VIPs and close to the beaches of Thiruvanmiyur, Ksheeraja would be the third project in a row of Vishranthi on the same road, which speaks for itself the successes achieved. Ksheeraja would suffice the quality matching the person’s elite social status and would relate to the person’s family too.


    Designed on stilts with just 3 floors, the distinction of Ksheeraja worth mentioning is the limitation to just 2 specially designed duplex apartments providing all the privacy and quiet ambience that anybody would desire. Continuing the legacy of Vishranthi, Ksheeraja would embrace the beauty of abundant light and ventilation promising refreshed living spaces to owners. The six-fold vision of Vishranthi will provide harmonious living conditions for the occupants to experience, in this new marvel yet again from Vishranthi Homes.

  • Amrita Srikamal