Sometimes, you may not need a new home to be built. You may just need your existing one to be modified. But why compromise on quality just because it is a customisation job?
At Vishranthi, we ensure that you experience the same level of professionalism and overall satisfaction when we customise your home, just as you would when we build you a new one. And this can be done at a nominal cost, in line with your requirements.

The customisation services we offer are


• building custom kitchens and bathrooms

• building internal walls, lofts kitchen platform, shelves and repositioning doors

• fitting additional electrical points for home theatre, TV points, split ACs and kitchen appliances

• fitting chandeliers, fans and lights

• helping clients source plumbing fixtures

• helping clients choose paints, flooring material and wall tiles


Note: All modifications will be made only after ensuring that they do not compromise the long term structural integrity of the building or the elevation.




While buying your home can be a dream come true, maintaining one on your own can be a nightmare. Vishranthi Homes helps you maintain your property and keep it as new as ever. Specialised teams have been instituted to ensure that your property maintains its sheen for decades to come.


Our maintenance services include:

• housekeeping, gardening, regular cleaning of water tanks and sumps

• provision of a 24 hour security system, CCTV surveillance, and video door phone

• preventive maintenance of all equipment like lifts, motors, gensets and satellite dishes through an Annual Maintenance Contract with the suppliers

• payment of statutory bills for electricity, water, piped gas and property tax