What do Vishranthi employees do before they become the best engineers and professionals in the real estate industry? They are put through a rigorous training programme that teaches them how to be the best engineers and professionals in the real estate industry.


B.Tech / BE (Civil) students are selected through campus interviews from one of the leading engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh and trained to become field engineers. Their advanced training programme renders them competent in all technical and corporate aspects of the company.


Students are also chosen from various vocational training institutions to be a part of our onsite team. They are put through a carefully structured training programme,designed by experts and certified by us. To begin with, they are exposed to the different aspects of construction at our ongoing project sites. Once their specific area of excellence is identified, they undergo intensive training under the watchful eyes of an expert. The best candidates from this program get automatically absorbed into the Vishranthi Homes on-site team.


This is just another facet of our human-centric approach that we not only follow for our customers, but also for our employees. By making better professionals out of these youngsters, we not only ensure that they have a brighter future, but also make sure that they contribute to the Vishranthi legacy of appreciable quality and appreciative customers.