A human-centric approach needs people who believe in this philosophy and inspire others to adhere to it. The senior management at Vishranthi Homes comprises professionals who share this vision and pass it down to their team.


Mr. Raj Kumar Reddy


‘How does one ensure that a Vishranthi apartment owner stays happy for life? How does one make sure that his investment in a Vishranthi apartment stays profitable for him at all times?’ Questions like these keep Mr. Reddy closely in touch with the company’s human-centric vision. And finding the answers to them takes him on his journey, one that blends a passion for quality with the prowess for technological innovation. The end-results are high quality constructions that set new standards in the industry.

Mr. Reddy has graduated in Corporate Affairs and is an active philanthropist.


Mrs. Varija Reddy


A keen ambition to practice law, a bloodline that infused the finer aspects of construction and design and a qualification in commerce could well be the three vertices of a triangle with little in common, but when they come together in one individual, they create a dynamic core that harnesses the essence of all three facets and powers the growth of the company.

Mrs. Reddy’s eye for detail and her head for finance helps her handle the legal and financial aspects of the company. Over the years, she has ensured that Vishranthi Homes has developed a high credibility rating with absolutely no borrowings from Bankers.


Mr. C R Devendra


An edifice of sales and marketing built over the foundation of science is sure to stand Vishranthi Homes in good stead. Add a corporate facade to it and one can see the value that Mr. Devendra brings to the organisation, with his 27 years of experience in leading companies like EID Parry (part of the Murugappa Group) and Building Technologies Division (Siemens).

Besides taking charge of the overall operations of the company, he also lends his expertise to developing and incorporating relevant systems and procedures at Vishranthi Homes. He is an Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers.

He is an Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers.