In the words of Aristotle, ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore, is not an act, but a habit.’ Profound thoughts like these transform into simple guidelines when we understand what they stand for.


At Vishranthi, we ensure that simple elegance is the end-result of our design exercise. But creating something that is simple and well-liked can be a very complex process, one that begins with an extensive drive to put together the perfect design team that’s also perfectly suited for the project. The best of architects, talented landscape designers, experienced structural consultants, electrical consultants, PHE consultants, soil consultants, topo mappers and a host of other specialists are specially handpicked for their expertise and ability to provide state -of-the-art designs.


Periodic Design Analysis is conducted at every stage of the process. Peer reviews are sought out and acted on for critical areas in structural designs, before actual implementation at sites.


Why does Vishranthi go through such laborious processes? Aren’t erecting walls and installing slabs simple tasks that masons can perform on their own?


Perhaps, but at Vishranthi, we focus on enhancing the quality of lives. Which is why our designs are not product centric, but human centric. We follow the Seven Point Design Agenda- that we call the SMART SEVEN – to make the lives of people better. These are seven crucial points that we take into cognizance when embarking on the voyage of design.



    A lot of thought goes into making the layout of the homes work hard towards bringing families together as well as giving them privacy when they need it. Our homes are always designed to make the outdoors feel like an integral part of the indoor spaces.


    This fine balance is achieved by locating and orienting our buildings correctly. An interesting fact is that many of our apartments do not have common walls ensuring that there is a free flow of breeze into every individual unit. (do we mention triple ventilation?)


    We take special care to design our common spaces to facilitate friendly, peaceful co-existence among neighbours. We are committed to providing generous lung space in each of our projects and invest a great deal in landscaping them to create accessible, beautiful spaces.


    Our years of working closely with our customers have taught us that every one desires a home that is unique. It is this understanding that makes us push for beautiful yet functional facades. Technologies used to create our facades are as state-of-the-art as the features contained within each of the buildings.


    The infrastructure on all our projects are designed for the future. Whether it is the structure, accessibility or space allocated for people or parking - all elements are designed based on data that is scientifically projected a decade or two into the future.


    We love construction technologies that make our projects greener and more sustainable. Our design teams are handpicked by us based on their knowledge and experience of state-of-the-art technologies that do just that. We monitor these technologies in the long term to apply our learnings to newer projects.


    Although we are in the space age, it has become imperative to all, in having a thorough Vaasthu check on the property that they would like to buy and live in. This is because of the exorbitant cost of real estate, which is spiraling year on year, thus being the major factor for each individual to be doubly sure that their possession is nice and a great place to live in, with least harmful effects emanating through one’s geographical position.


Design Checklist (DCL)

The DCL helps our field engineers with their planning and ensures that the tasks set for the day have been achieved by the staff and contract laborers. The DCL also provides documentary evidence of having completed a particular technical task in sequence as required by the process.