At Vishranthi, no aspect of the design and construction process is taken for granted. We pay attention to every minute detail. Each project, no matter how big or small it may be, receives nothing less than our best efforts.


And yet, we do not relax. We scrutinize. We examine every element to detect flaws. Testing measures have been instituted at every stage. For instance, all the raw materials used are permitted into the site only after they have passed the rigorous tests at our labs. Even if tests have been conducted externally, they would still have to undergo stringent tests in our labs so that they meet our standards, which conform to the Bureau of Indian Standards.


We do not limit these procedures to our team alone. Our suppliers are also required to match up to expected quality standards. Each of our sites has an in-house lab that checks the quality of aggregates on a regular basis.


While each of our completed projects stands testimony to our standards of excellence, we are delighted to have the word of approval from the experts too. Vishranthi Homes has been awarded ISO 9001:2000for its quality measures and systems – this incredible feat would not have been possible if not for our entire team, comprising our customers, architects, designers, suppliers and our own in-house experts.