The projects that we have solely commissioned and executed are proof of our expertise and our design strengths. But the joint ventures that we have undertaken with land owners from different walks of life stand testimony to that prime quality one looks for in a real estate company – reliability.


Cavinville, Batra Centre, Shree Ram, HM Elegance – each project stands as a landmark of a lifelong relationship we have created as a result of a joint venture. In our book, there’s no better validation of the values that we stand for when the commendation of trust comes from other sources.


Another highlight of several of our joint ventures is that they are with people who have already partnered us in a project. The fact that they have come back to renew their partnership shows their levels of satisfaction and their unshakeable faith in us. It is our endeavour to life up to the expectations that they have reposed in us.


We look forward to joining hands with you on a project. If you own a minimum of two grounds in the central part of Chennai or four grounds anywhere else in the city, and are interested in developing a project in your site, please call us at +91 95000-07770.