At Vishranthi, ‘human-centric’ is not merely an approach to work, but also to life. The objective has always been to enhance the quality of life for as many as possible. Keeping this in mind, Vishranthi has maintained a series of CSR activities in Tamil Nadu.


Vedapathashalas: Two Vedapatashalas are being run in Thiruvannamalai, a town in Tamil Nadu.


Medical Aid: Vishranthi Homes is footing the entire treatment costs – this includes complete hospital and medical aid- for eight people ailing from cancer.


Goshala: A shelter is being managed for a herd of approximately 70 cows that are past their prime and have been abandoned. The goshala thus not only provides them with food, water and shelter, but also protects them from being slaughtered.


Eye Camps:Eye Camps Vishranthi Homes with support from Shankara Eye Hospital located in Pammal, Chennai conduct periodical eye Camps for people from all walks of life. These camps are located in downtrodden places which really need such specific monitoring and treatment.

1. 14th to 16th February, 2014: The first such camp was conducted with a screening of around 550 elderly Tibetan monks from the monastery in Pallikuppam in Mysore, near Coorg. After examination, 320 needed Spectacles, 19 operated for Cataract, 5 for specialty surgery and others administered with medicines.

2. 15th March, 2015: Our second eye camp was held at Kalavai near Arcot. We had screened 285 people of which 35 were given spectacles, 20 recommended for cataract surgery and 1 needed speciality surgery. Medicines were recommended for some who did not fall in the above category.


Arunachala Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Shelter: Around3500 street dogs and2500 abandoned dogs are being taken care of by a shelter supported by Vishranthi Homes, where various programs like ABC Sterilization and the anti-rabies program are conducted. The shelter is equipped with hospital facilities, a fully operational clinic, an animal sanctuary for animals who can’t survive on their own, a hospice and a 24 x 7emergency service.


Other initiatives adopted by Vishranthi Homes include aid to Little Drops, an organization that runs homes for the aged and the destitute, rehabilitation of widows and deserted women with children, quality education for the rural poor, a health-care facility for the financially weak and powering social awareness campaigns.